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Things to do in Las Vegas

Favorite Spots For Locals

When most people think of Vegas, the usual staples come to mind. The Strip, gambling, drinking.  You know all the fun stuff. I as a local must admit, I find The Strip intimidating. All those people clamoring down the streets, the all too high temptation to blow 1000 bucks on a Craps table. It’s too much. I actually never go to The Strip. Unless I have friends in town, I avoid it like the plague. So this may leave you to wonder- what the hell does this broad do for fun? I’ll tell you. In a city as vibrant as < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /> Las Vegas you can imagine that there is an abundance of activity. You would be right. I party in local spots. I can guarantee, there a ton of fun places in the city you will never see commercials for in your hometown. They won’t break your pocket, and there are plenty of people to see the new shirt you bought special for your trip. Do you trust me?  No, I should apply those positive thinking subliminal tapes I paid fifty bucks for. You will trust me.

Come with me on a journey past the lights and party like a local.

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3333 S. Maryland Pkway


 At first glance of this local hangout. You are lead to think that Cappozzolies is merely a restaurant. I have passed it several times myself, thinking the same thing.

 I recently got a hankering for Italian and ended up with a complete evening of stellar entertainment.  I started my trip by ordering a pizza (yes to myself. Don’t laugh), it was greasy just the way I like it. The menu consists of traditional foods (not that I know much about traditional Italian food, but I’ll hanker a guess. Comfortably priced, you’re topping at around $15-$20 dollars a plate. Maybe less if you just want an appetizer or two.

The dinning area is quant. A little close, but not to the point where you are bumping elbows with a neighbor. Its quant which is really what maintains its mellow mood. During the dinner hours all was quiet. But around the 10:00 hour the band hit the stage, and the whole entire mood changed. Going from an intimate dinner with dimmed lights and low conversation, to an intimate bar- with a neighborhood feel. It was really cool, because even though the crowd changed drastically, the mood never did.

“I really like it here.” comments Vegas local Marisa “It’s a place where I can come to dinner with my family, and still stick around afterwards.  I’ve never seen a place like that before!

 I’d have to agree with her on that. I too have never seen a place that I could have nice dinner with loved ones and watch it evolve into something else. It’s interesting.

I was there on a Thursday. The night Slow Children take the stage.  Now before you start thinking I’m trying to make a joke, not literal mentally handicapped kids. Although I’d like to see that in a bar. Slow Children, is the regular mid-week performer.

They have a very smooth reggae-rock sound reminiscent of a band like Sublime.

Rikki-a former employee of the restaurant try’s to make performances. Slow Children brings a good crowd to the place. Most people expect for live bands to be loud and outrageous, but these guy’s are nothing like that! I found them rather engaging. There songs are performed flawlessly. Enticing many on the floor to dance. They were engaging and friendly with the audience.  Now, I will warn you that I may be a little secretly biased because one of the band members is a co-worker. . This is the first time I saw him perform and I gotta tell ya, co worker or not this band is amazing. The chemistry is incredible. There’s a certain sound a band that truly loves what there doing- generates, and these guys are flowing with it.

  Some places that attract a regular client base have a way of making you feel like a un welcomed-visitor.  You come in and they give you a look like “and who invited you?” The crowd is beautifully diverse and incredibly friendly. Mostly working class twenty something’s. It’s close to UNLV, but I didn’t see to many students there. I think the heavy college partiers like a much crowd. I mean- how can you beer bong without a cheering section? This is not that type of place. I like the type of place I can blend, but not get lost. It’s nice to be in a crowded room and not have to utter excuse me as bump into everyone while walking through

I say if you’re looking to go a little off the strip- Cappozzolies is a place to try.

No cover or dress code enforced.

Hottie factor: Moderate

Hook-up factor: You’ve got a shot!


Directions: Take Tropicana Road east passing MGM Grand. Head east approximately 2 miles, maybe less until you reach Maryland Parkway. Turn left passing UNLV about 2 more miles. Cappozzolies is on the left at Desert In. Blvd across the street from the mall

Until next time friends- Cee




Local Casino Review

      Las Vegas is an intrigueing place filled with high levels of superficiality and a rampant disregard for what many consider a quiet night at home. This is the major leagues of fun and distraction. That’s what i kept telling myself as i drove myself and all my belongings across the harsh Southern California desert to make this one of my weirdest and confusing adventures. Green Valley is a nice residential area in Henderson, NV a somewhat quiet community that no doubt hides its share of fiends and loose women. This would be my base of operations. I arrived far too late to get the keys to my new apartment so it looked like a comfortable night in my over packed SUV. It was only 8:00 pm.

I decided to check out the Green Valley Ranch casino that i had passed twice trying to find my new Apartment complex. This would be the first casino i would review. The Green Valley Ranch Casino is the working man’s casino. Parking was easy and I strolled right in comfortable that no one in this whole place knew me. I do have an ex-girlfriend who lives out here. Remembering that i kept looking over my shoulder. That’s what 5hrs in a cramped SUV does to you. It makes you paranoid. Locals everywhere. I presumed they were locals because i hadn’t seen anything that i would consider a Vegas crowd. Then again im new here in Sin City. These people did not look like sinners, more like normal people. That’s good I wasn’t in the mood to party. The crowd was mellow i naturally approached the bar located in the center of the casino which seems to be the norm. Let the bar naturally grip you, and slowly you will eventually gravitate towards it! Now the Green Valley Ranch Casino is quite extravagent the decorations remind you of a hunting cabin that the Romanov’s might have used when Russia was ok. The bar i headed to was called “The Drop Bar” immediately I was turned off. The decor is an off white reminder to Vegas’ glory days of lounge’s and wierd 60’s space themes. The waitresses sport white skimpy outfits and serve 5.00 dollar rum and cokes.I had to have a few drinks the only thing waiting for me was my spacious car. I would recommend the bar as a good starting point especially if you live close by. So after a few drinks I headed out. The buffet which if my memory serves is one of the top notch i’ve had thus far. I visited this place before a few months ago but didnt remeber till I saw the buffet.The options and types of food seem endless.The deserts are french inspired and equally delicious. One bit of advice: dont start with carbo’s you’ll only be wasting your time. Hit the high protein stuff first, the pricing is reasonable so you can come back and finish what you started. The overall atmosphere is approaching high end with a local modesty. Clearly this place is high society, not to be mistaken with an elitist quality. I would recommend Green Valley Ranch as a good starting point and a great palce for a buffet lunch or dinner if you have it that way.


Best Poker Rooms in Vegas

Best Poker Rooms in Vegas

When you come to Las Vegas you come to gamble, and if you’re any kind of a man, you’ll want to play some poker. This city is of full of card rooms and nearly every casino now offers poker, but depending on what kind of action you’re looking for, you’ll need to chose wisely.

I think the poker room at the Wynn offers a little something for everyone. It is the most comfortable room in all of Las Vegas with plush chairs on casters and plenty of ergonomic flexibility. They have a very liberal comp system, if you’re playing and you’re hungry, they’ll treat you to a great meal. The games range in limit stakes from 3/6 to 30/60and sometimes greater. It’s a great little room and the action is always fast. Day or night you can always find a good game at the Wynn, and for the ego-maniacs, they’ll always treat you like a king.

If you’re looking for some serious action then you’ll have to go to the Belllagio. Whether you want to play some low-limit stud, or Hold’em with the best pros in the world you can find any game you’re looking for. Bring $100 and sit down for a nice game of 3/6 or bring $1 million and play heads-up with Scotty Nyguen in the 40,000/80,000 parlor. The room is big and elegant. The dealers are friendly and the cocktail waitress are nice. Dressed a little too conservative for this guy, but all-in-all, the Bellagio is the place to be. They don’t offer poker players any sort of a comp system, and the food is over-priced. For a visiting tourist the Bellagio offers you a world-class poker experience, but for the avid local it is just not that great of a deal.

The Orleans Casino, just off the beaten path offers some of the best incentives for playing there. Their poker room is one of the largest with close to thirty tables and daily tournaments, however the action is small, so for the fugal gambler this is the place to be. They’ll comp you a dollar an hour and they offer a great bad beat jackpot for it’s patrons. Unheard of anywhere else, they even host a 4/8 Texas Hold’em game with half-blinds. The dealers are a lot of fun, and you can grab one hell of a breakfast at the cafe. For $2.95 you can get the Graveyard Special; a steak and breakfast platter. The only downside is that the kind of steak they serve is only good rare, but unless you want to really gamble, you’re probably better off getting it well-done.


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